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Transformers: Beast Wars

Toys-R-Us Exclusive

I ordered this Japan Toys-R-Us Exclusive Clear Convoy from which arrived on the 12th of April 2000.  This exclusive (Limited to 6000) was released back sometime 1997.   Clear Convoy gets its’ name from the fact he’s made of clear plastic.  This figure is from the Transformers: Beast Wars and is the second figure that I own in this line.  The box is a standard C-1 Convoy with a sticker placed on the package identifying it as a Toys-R-Us Exclusive.  This figure also comes with an instruction sheet, BW catalog, and Cybertron Card which is your standard C-1 Convoy tech-spec card.  Since the Clear Convoy is the exact same mold as Burning Convoy, I've only limited my descriptions to the gimmicks and weapons since everything is described on Burning Convoy's page.

Clear Convoy box

Just like Burning Convoy, Clear Convoy is packaged in Beast Mode (Gorilla) with silver painted parts on his fists, thighs, and torso.  His weapons are black as well as various joints and when in Robot Mode, his mask is the only part painted silver.  Convoy has various weapons in his arsenal; 2 Missile Launchers with 4 missiles, Swords (x2), Ball-n-Chain, and Double Missile Cannon.

Convoy has a neat little gimmick with makes him pound on his chest as a gorilla would do to show his strength.  There are two switches (one on each arm) which need to be in the down position.  The second step is to release the lever located on his back and when this lever is moved in an up and down motion, Convoy’s arms swing in at the elbows and strike his chest.

There is a button located on Convoy’s buttock that releases the Missile Launcher that whips into place on both shoulders.  Each Missile Launcher has a missile that can be fired by depressing a button.  Two additional missiles are stored on his back just behind his head.  When the Missile Launchers are extended, you’ll notice two ports on his back that is where his swords are kept.

Another gimmick uses the same apparatus as with the "chest pounding" gizmo.   Going back to the buttons on each arm, they must be switched in the upward position to demonstrate the second gimmick.  Insert Convoy’s sword in the portholes in his fist (both top and bottom) which now looks like a bladed staff.  Extend the arm as if he has a bow weapon in hand, then extend the action lever in his back and move it up and down.  This rotates the arm from the elbow giving the appearance of a spinning weapon.

Another hidden weapon is in each of his forearms.  The left forearm has a Double Missile firing Cannon.  Just depress a button at his wrist and the lower half of his arm flips down and the cannon flips into an upward position.

The right forearm also has cab that is lifted revealing a skull.  When this skull is pulled out you’ll notice that is the "ball" that is connected by string (chain) then connected to a handle.  This is the Ball-n-Chain weapon that fits into the top port of his fist.  When both arms are extended and weapons are in hand, using the action lever at his back makes Convoy "swing" these weapons as if he’s in attack mode!

I didn't bother explaining how to transform Convoy from Beast to Robot since that was already explained on the Burning Convoy page.   I also took fewer photos for the same reason.

I really like Convoy of any variation in this Beast Wars release.  The appearance and transformations are excellent!


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