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D-001 Gigatron

Gigatron is the first of the Destrongers in the new line of Car Robots.  He is displayed in the box above (12" x 4.25" x 9.5") and in robot mode.

Gigatron has six transformations; Gigatron, GigaBat, GigaDragon, GigaJet, GigaFormula, and GigaHand.

GigatronGigatrons Staff


The photos above depicts Gigatron with his separate sword weapons.  The second photo depicts a staff-like weapon which created by connecting the two swords together.

ROBOT MODE:   The first robot mode is exactly how he is packaged.  He stands about 9" tall and is well proportioned.  His color scheme consists of almost all purple and black with various sections of red and gold.  His torso is a mixture of black and silver-to-blue chromed.  The joints are nice and stiff with most of them locking into place.  This makes Gigatron stand securely and the width/length of his feet help too since he has a lot of upper body mass.  The detailing and mold is quite impressive.

His weapons are two swords which have hand grips that fit snugly into his fists.  The second weapon can be formed by connect the ends of each sword.   I believe this weapon is a staff but will have to do some more reading/translating to confirm this.  His wings when fully deployed expand to approximately 16".   His wings look much better deployed and you may need an entire shelf just for Gigatron!

BEAST MODE:   The second mode is called GigaBat.  This photo shows good example of the wings fully deployed.  The weapons attach to the wings which fire missiles with a push of a button.  A claw is formed at the top of each wing and feet are formed from the hands (robot mode).

I've included a close up photo of GigaBat's head.  The neat thing about this is that the nose and mouth fit snug against Gigatron's face.  This "mouth guard" is on a hinge that is pulled out of his torso.

GigaBat & close up view of his head

BEAST MODE:  This is the third mode called GigaDragon.  A two headed dragon is formed when you invert Gigatron.  The legs form the heads of these dragons which also have movable jaws.  The "belt" on Gigatron have little arms/claws which extend.  And the hands are now the feet of GigaDragon.  There are more things in between the transformation but you get the gist.  The GigaDragon stands firmly with the help of it's tail that locks into place.

GigaDragon is not as ferocious looking as DragonMegatron in BeastWars Metals, but is still a decent transforming beast.


VEHICLE MODE:  The fourth mode is called GigaJet.  This is one of my favorite modes.  The jets nose gear is hidden in Gigatron's chest which extends and locks into place.  The rear wheels are actually located on Gigatron's forearms which look like mini shields.  The canopy was located on Gigatron's back which extends and locks into place.  Nice looking canopy with the red windshield.  The swords are attached to each side of the fuselage and are ready to fire it's missiles.

Yet another nice configuration but would've rather had rubber wheels vice plastic discs.


VEHICLE MODE:  The fifth mode is GigaFormula.  A racing car which looks like the Batmobile or Ground Cruiser from Batman Beyond with it's sleek appearance created by the wings.  Inverting the canopy from the GigaJet creates the fairing and another canopy is revealed with the similar red windshield.  The wheels are formed for the mini shields on Gigatron's forearms and the disc joints found on the back of his wings.

The GigaFormula can roll on any surface but if it had rubber vice plastic wheels it would be a smoother ride in my opinion.


GigaHandGigaHand gimmick

ALTERNATE MODE:  This is the sixth and final transformation called GigaHand.   It's exactly that...a hand!  This is something quite different and maybe the kids will like this to snatch up all of the SpyChangers which is shown on the back of Gigatron's box.  Gigatron's legs and arms form the four fingers and the nose/canopy of GigaJet/GigaFormula act as the thumb.  I've included a photo of me pulling a lever on the back which actually closes the hand sort of making a fist.  Pretty neat little gimmick!

Here is a close up photo of Gigatron with his purple colored crystal spark in his chest.  You can also see the rainbow of colors Gigatron has in this pic which is very nice.

Overall Gigatron is a well thought out piece of work.  Transformations are easy as long as you've taken the time to review the instruction sheet.  The joints are nice and stiff and each mode fits it's name.  TAKARA has definitely improved the appearance, movement, transformations (comparing to BW Metals), and overall playability in this new line of toys.

Destronger Spark


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