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Fire Guts God Ginrai (C-310E) is an e-Hobby exclusive which was made available for pre-order in Japan during the 31 October 2001 to January 2002 timeframe, and released in February 2002 for a whopping 9,500.  It is supposedly limited to 1600 pieces but I have yet to find anything on Takara's site confirming the numbers.  I purchased Fire Guts God Ginrai (FGGG) from just a couple of months after its' release but have procrastinated adding it to my site.  I guess I decided to put this online when I found out that I'll be on another deployment in mid-June.  So there you have it :P

I basically took the same photos as I did with the re-issue God Ginrai page, so don't be surprised if the review is practically the same.

The box has a couple of windows which show each of the figures.  The top figure is C-307 God Master Super Ginrai which is the cab & trailer.  The second is Masterforce Ginrai which connects to the cab.  And the last figure is C-309 Cybertron God Bomber which is another trailer.  All components combine and form C-310E Fire Guts God Ginrai.

Fire Guts God Ginrai
's contents

Fire Guts God Ginrai is packaged in a plastic tray with cardboard outer piece and the box measures 14.5"x14.5"x4.25"The contents include:

1. Particle Beam Cannons (x2)
2. Super Electromotive Rifles (x2)
3. Machine Gun/God Cannon (missile launcher)
4. God Wings (x2)
5. Ginrai Cab & Container (trailer)
6. Masterforce Ginrai
7. God Bomber Trailer
8. Super Ginrai head
9. Missiles (x2)

10. Instruction Sheet
11. Sticker Sheet
12. Character Card
13. Fire Guts God Ginrai Poster 

Some stickers were already pre-applied at the factory such as the stripes on both trailers & cab and several additional stickers need to be applied.  Since this is an exclusive, I did not apply any stickers so you won't see them in the photos.

WEAPONS:  Fire Guts God Ginrai has several types of weapon attachments: two cannons, rifles, wings, a missile launcher with two missiles, and finally his head.

Fire Guts God Ginrai's Attachments


Final Attack:  The "Super-Psionic God Fire Guts"

Concentrating his spirit, he transforms his body into an enormous fireball and attacks his enemies.  This is the ultimate single-strike final attack.


V E H I C L E   M O D E

Ginrai's cab measures approximately 2.75" in height and 5.5" in length.  His trailer measures 4.25" in height and 8.75" in length.  The total length from cab to trailer is 12.5".  The photos provided depict Ginrai with and without the Masterforce Ginrai figure attached to the front of the grille.  The cab is made of die-cast metal painted Orange as well as plastic parts of the same color.  The trailer has a ramp which can be extended at the rear and there's just enough room (2") to store a small vehicle or Super Ginrai's head.

The transformation of vehicle to robot mode is quite simple.  First you must separate the cab from the trailer and then insert Masterforce Ginrai into the grille to unlock the mechanism used in transformation.  Now fold down the rear of the cab to create the robots legs and rotate the wheel section 90 upward to create the feet.  The Orange piece behind the cab needs to be folded down to create the pelvic region.  Next, fold out the parts with the metallic-Orange smoke stacks 180 and fold down the arms.  The last step is to flip up the head from the top of the cab.  Now you can attach the rifles as shown below.                     

R O B O T   M O D E

Ginrai stands at 7.25" and has a Red & Orange color scheme with some Silver & Black mixed in.  He is depicted above holding the Super Electromotive Rifles.  Articulation is very limited with this figure.  His arms bend at the elbow and due to the size of the rifles, his arms are limited to about a 45 extension.  Ginrai also bends at the waist, knees, and ankles which allow him to be transformed into the torso of Super Ginrai.

Masterforce Ginrai

Masterforce Ginrai is the human figure which connects to the grille of the cab.  He measures about 2" in height and has Orange, metallic-Orange, and Black parts with some Black paint on his face as shown in the photo on the right.  He too is limited in articulation.  His arms can rotate up/down at the shoulder and his legs fold outward at the waist/knees.  This allows him to transform into Iacon Mode.  When he is in this mode and connected to the cab, he forms the engine which has a metallic-Orange color scheme.

The photo above have Masterforce Ginrai at the controls of one of the Particle Beam Cannons which was shown on the instruction sheet.

B A S E   M O D E

To transform the trailer to Base Station mode, lift up the top panel on the trailer slightly so that you can fold back the side panels located at the middle of the trailer.  Separate the rear of the trailer (both halves) 90 outward which will become the base.  Now fold out the side panels once again on each side and then the ramps (catapults) need to be folded out as shown in the photo on the right.  The center panel should now be folded downward 90.  Fold the arm parts down then rotate them upward.  Now attach the various weapons to the base as shown.  The connector piece located on top of the base can be rotated outward so that it looks like a center cannon.  This isn't identified in the instruction manual but looks better in this position.

Super Ginrai
R O B O T   M O D E


Super Ginrai is formed using both the cab and the trailer, along with some parts from God Bomber.  Super Ginrai stands about 9.5" from head to toe.  There is a little more articulation but not much.  He can rotate his arms up/down and outward at the shoulders.  He can also be placed in a wider stance due to the joints at his hips.  To transform Super Ginrai from trailer mode, lift the top panel slightly then fold out the panels located at the middle of the trailer.  Stand the robot on the base of the trailer so that the wheels are facing forward as shown in the photo above.  Fold down both arms 180 and rotate them downward 90 so that they are next to his hips.  Extend both fists by push out the sliding Red pieces.  There is a trailer connector which jets out in front of you that needs to be rotated towards the back and out of the way.  You now have to transform the cab by folding the rear section upward 90.  Once you have a cube-like cab, insert it into the torso section of the robot.  You can also attach the metallic-Orange torso piece (shown below) from God Bomber to Super Ginrai in "Power-Up" mode which is called the God Breaster.

God Bomber
V E H I C L E   M O D E

God Bomber is an armored trailer decked out with God Wings, Super Electromotive Rifles, and Machine Gun/God Cannon.  The trailer has a Red, Orange & metallic-Orange color scheme with some Black parts mixed in.  The trailer measures about 7.25" in length and 4" in height including the tow bar.    The vehicle itself is fairly sturdy regardless of how hollow it appears.

To transform the trailer into God Bomber's robot mode is a bit different in that you're basically separating parts to create the robot vice actually "transforming" the figure.  The first step is to remove all of the weapons then separate the chrome front piece from the rear at the hole-n-peg joints.  Remove the pieces from the top which will be used to create his arms.  Separate the top piece from the rear then divide the trailer in two pieces which form the robots legs.  Take these two parts (wheels to the back) and fold out the parts 180 to create his feet.  Now re-attach the piece that was removed from the top of the trailer.  There are two pegs which connect the legs to this newly formed torso.  Fold out God Bombers head and re-attach the metallic-Orange grille piece to the back of God Bomber.  Attach the God Wings to each shoulder hole and re-attach the arms to the peg on the wings.  Now for the last step...connect the Machine Gun God Cannon with Missile to the hole on his left shoulder.  The final result is shown above.

God Bomber
R O B O T   M O D E

God Bomber stands at approximately 9.25" in height and has a Red & Orange color scheme with Black parts mixed in.  There really isn't much to this figure since it has practically no articulation.  You can turn his legs out/in and rotate his arms up/down...that's about it.  Even though God Bomber's robot mode isn't much for playability, it does compliment Super & God Ginrai modes when merged and is actually better than just having extra parts lying around.

God Ginrai
V E H I C L E   M O D E

God Ginrai's vehicle mode combines all components to include the cab, trailer, and armored trailer.  It measures a whopping 19.5" in length.  To connect the tow bar from the armored trailer to the main trailer, you have to separate the main trailer in two so that you can fasten the ends of the bar into the spaces on the inside of each panel.  Once they are secure, just reconnect the panels of the main trailer.  This is definitely the best looking vehicle mode in my opinion.

V E H I C L E   M O D E


Super Ginrai's vehicle mode is a combination of the cab and God Bomber trailer.  The trailer's tow bar has a peg which fits nicely into the cab's hitch.  Once combined, it measures  approximately 12" in length.

God Ginrai
R O B O T   M O D E

This is the last figure in the line-up which is God Ginrai.  As you can see, with all of his armor...he is definitely the best looking robot of the bunch standing at 11.5" in height.  Instead of starting from scratch in describing the transformation from trailer to God Ginrai mode, I'll just start from Super Ginrai robot mode.  Separate the armored trailer in two parts then connect them to the bottom of God Ginrai's legs creating his feet.  There is a protruding part which connects to the gap at the rear of his legs.  Once you insert this piece it should snap into place.  Now take the top of the armored trailer part which is grey and connect it to God Ginrai's back where the two peg holes are located.  Fold down the connector piece downward behind his head so that it rests on top of the recently connected piece.  Now connect the God Wings to the peg holes on the backpack.  Take the metallic-Orange grille and attach it to his torso which locks into place.  Now attach all of the weapons as shown in the photos provided.



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