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Takara released 6 previously known Spychangers at the end of March 2003.  The names of these Spychangers were carried over from the Car Robots line but have the Autobots tampo stamping from the Robots In Disguise line.  So basically it's is a combination of both and re-released as "Super Spychangers".  My wife purchased a case (12 boxes) from Big Bad Toy Store while I was on deployment and I was surprised to see how small the case actually was.  The dimensions are 5"Lx4.75"Wx3.25"H.  The case is similar to the Transformers Generation One S.C.F. in that it can be set up as a display holder for all 12 boxes.  Also noted is the U.S. version of the Transformers logo versus Car Robots or Japanese Transformers logo.

There are a total of 6 figures in this line but each case contains a total of 12 boxes/figures.  Two of the 12 figures are replaced with "chase" or clear version identified below with a Grey background.  The case I received had the following box layout:

WARS Art Fire Art Fire
Counter Arrow Eagle Killer WARS
Eagle Killer Counter Arrow X-Car
Ox X-Car Ox

Each box measures approximately 1.25"Lx1.5"Wx3"H.  Within the box is a sealed Black bag to conceal the identity of the figures even further.  An instruction/catalog sheet is also included within each bag.  This concealment technique is very common in Japan, especially with small toy exclusives in stores such as the Jusco Spychangers.  One thing I noticed about the boxes themselves is that there isn't a price mark anywhere, not even on the case itself.  It's usually printed just above the barcode but in this case it isn't.  I found a website selling a case for 5,000 but I'm guessing there's a little mark up added this price. 

Super Spychangers case (12 boxes)


Super Spychangers box


Super Spychangers bag

Here's a scan of the front side of the insert which is the catalog of all 6 Spychangers in power up mode or also known as "Super" Spychangers.  The sheet measures 8.25"x2.38" with the front printed in color and the back is Black & White.  Descriptions of each figure is also printed but I haven't seen any translations online as of yet.

Catalog/Instruction Sheet

(Left to Right/Front to Back) X-Car, Ox, Counter Arrow, Art Fire, Eagle Killer, and WARS


Art Fire, X-Car, Eagle Killer, Ox, WARS, and Counter Arrow

Super Art Fire

Super Eagle Killer

Super WARS


Super X-Car

Super Ox

Super Counter Arrow


"Chase" Super Spychangers

Clear Eagle Killer & Art Fire in Vehicle Mode

As I stated earlier, my case contained 2 chase figures; Eagle Killer & Art Fire.  These figures are clear versions of the Super Spychangers which represent the transformation point between the standard and power up modes.  I remember in the Car Robots anime which showed the Car Brothers in "clear" mode when they transformed into power up mode, and I assume it's the same concept used in this release of the Spychangers.  Some collector's are getting a bit tired of the numerous releases of the Spychangers, but I really like them and will continue to add them to my collection!

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