Robots in Disguise Kitbash

How many of you knew this was coming?  I knew something was going to be kitbashed when I went out on Sunday (12 May 02) to purchase more "stuff" to build things with :P

As soon as I posted my Mini-Scourge link on ATT, I started to receive some feedback.  Then someone had to mention getting Sidecutter's Sword of Fury.  I've been thinking about getting one someday...and probably will soon, but when I read the post I said to myself, "I should make a sword".  My work began.

The first thing I did was use Black Convoy's sword as a reference.  I drew an outline of the blade & hilt and looked for some plastic.  There was the other half of 3-inch floppy disc which I previously used that would work.  I used my X-Acto knife and scored the plastic using my sketch as an outline.  Once I was satisfied with the marks, I finished cutting out the blade from the floppy disc.  I cut out the notches on the sides and then sanded down the blade.

Now I had to figure out what I was going to use as the hilt.  The first thing I saw was the smoke stacks on Scourge which was scraps from the first kitbash.  I pulled out the Dremel and began to remove one.  The tip of the stack would be small enough as the handle and the thicker end (which was hallow) would connect to the blade.  I sanded the smoke stack so that it was cylindrical then started to cut the hallow end, making a slit for the blade.  I even had to notch out a square section at the base of the blade so that it was a snug fit.

I sanded down the end of the hilt that connects to the base of the blade, removing the square-ness by rounding the tip.  When everything fit nicely, I super-glued the blade to the hilt.

Instead of using the slit on Scourge's shoulder as a place to mount the sword as Dave did, I decided to drill a 1/8-inch diameter hole in his fist.  I used the scrap Scourge to test this out.  I slid the hilt into his fist which looked perfect.

The next thing I needed to figure out was what to use as the guard above the handle.  I turned again to the Scourge scraps.  I decided to use the Grey shoulder parts which connected to Scourge's arms.  I removed the pins that connected the shoulder and removed the upper part of the shoulder piece.  I had to do a lot of sanding in order to get the lower parts just right, but once I finished, you could see the guard coming together.  I cut the ends of the shoulder piece where the pin holes used to be and spliced the parts together.  I again super-glue the parts then drilled out the center hole a little wider so that the hilt would slide right in.  Some more glue was added and the results on shown in the photos on the right.

Now I need to find some paint...fluorescent Pink or Red?  We shall see.

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Well, it only took a day for me to make the decision on what color to choose for the sword which is obviously Red.  I sanded down all the rough edges before I painted the sword using my airbrush.  It didn't take long to dry which was excellent.  That gave me some time to take some quick photos and get them online before I hit the sack.

In case anyone was interested in the dimensions...the sword measures 1" wide at the hilt/guard and 2 3/8" in length from butt to tip.  The point at which the blade meets the hilt is 3/8" and the tip of the sword measures 3/16".

That's it for the sword at the moment, but I might apply a topcoat or sealer just to finish it up.  I'm really thinking about trying out casting/molding to reproduce this sword sometime in the near future.  I guess it all depends on how difficult it is.  Until next time...

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